Proval SARL

Proval is a specialised and experienced team of professionals from different areas of the Metals and Petrochemical Industries.

We combine world class knowhow and experience to help you to realise your projects and improve your operations.

We give you access to our high level experts who will support you team in solving critical challenges. We provide you with the right experts to complement your team.

Marketing and trading

  • We use our know how to help customers find outlets for complex material including concentrates, waste streams, secondary and primary metals. This may include investing in pre-treatment and even processing plants.

Consultancy services

  • We assist with a multi-disciplinary team, to help customers solve complex problems and also take participations in turn-around projects
  • We have developed advanced tools together with partners to help improve the quality and speed of ramp-up and optimisation of metallurgical processes.

Creating value through combining knowledge and experience